Infuse biography


INFUSE was formed December 19th 2006. Hard studio work resolved with creating their debut album with a very ambiguous and thought provoking title: “ Around The Black “. The album being mainly electronic, the used sounds and instruments do not allow it to be classified as only an “electronic album” rather to an “organic-electro album”. Label MDScoring ( Canada ) 12.12.2008. After few vocalists, Kalina Velkovska has taken the place of permanent lead singer in the group. Beside founder Vlatko Georgiev ( keyboards ), other members are Dejan – Dino Milosavljevic ( drums ) and Zoran Kostadinovski ( el. guitar ).INFUSE had many club performances , promo concert in London-UK, concert and festival performances on renowned festivals such as EXIT, ALARM, Skopje Summer Fest, Spancirfest, opening act on Kosheen’s concert in Zagreb etc. Their second studio album is named Escape.

Vlatko Georgiev ( keyboards ), a classically trained musician who is well known in the Balkans with his musicianship and production credits for over 20 years. He’s been seen through world tours and many live performances with various artists such as Mizar, Kaliopi, Dragan Dautovski, Tose Proeski, The Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra... As former member of Talichni Tom, Super Nova, Blue funky individuals, Bodyguards, and other bands, his music experience evolves from Skopje’s Rock Fest 87’, Subotica – Omladina 89’, Zajacarska gitarijada 89’, through nearly 1000 club performances, to over 100 concert shows and stadium spactacles. Besides his live perfectionist approach he has been alive in the creative process too, making music for the ballet The Little Red Riding Hood, music for a documentary Oceanica, Light, music for theatre plays, songs for various artists ... 


Kalina Velkovska (vocal) Since 2005, Kalina worked in music studio’s on various music projects as a guest singer and background vocal. As a member of the band Steel Temple 2006 she was performing as opening act for Whitesnake’s  concert in Skopje. Starting 2007 she is active as a lead vocal in many cover bands, such as Eye Que (guest vocal), Woodstock Tajchi, The Lady's Out, Primordial Soup, Vagablonde, Housemasters (guest vocal)... Significant projects and cooperation: The Lady Said No” andDeir Zor” with Adi Imeri, band member (2012) of "La Colonie Volvox,", (released album "AEIOU").


Dejan - Dino Milosavljevic ( drums ) is active on the macedonian music scene as a professional musician since 1993. He worked with artists and bands such as Sethstat (formerly Seth ), Beneventan trio, Kaliopi, Kiril Dzajkovski… Last 10 years is a part of Vlatko Stefanovski's Trio - recording and touring around the Balkans, Europe and abroad - USA and Canada. Member of INFUSE since 2008.

Zoran Kostadinovski ( el. Guitar ), former member  of the band Playground, takes part of many live shows and concerts such as Sentence Project, live performances with Dani Dimitrovska and Session Selection on MTV Adria New Sounds of Europe contest in Zagreb 2007,  Golden Drum Festival  – Portoroz 2007,  Skopje - Blues & Soul Festival  as well as Bitola and Stip Summer Festival 2008, concerts with Karolina Gocheva, numerous club performances with   South park … He works on many studio projects with Tavitjan Brothers , Nikola Perevski, Damjan Lazarov, Jovan Jovanov …